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BTCUSD (Update – Intraday) – Happy Birthday Mr Bitcoin

A short update of our idea published earlier here   Should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. Good luck Champs! Mr Hawk     DISCLAIMER: This material was created for informational purposes only and represents the Land of Trading team’s view of the past, current and future economic and financial markets

BTCUSD (Intraday) – Is it a calm before the storm?

Trading within a very narrow downtrend channel with unusually low volatility (something like not a real Bitcoin sort of compared to current stock volatility). Anyway, do not get fooled as we may stay within that tiny range for longer until… We are looking for the range to expand soon. Our favorite scenario (violet arrows): market

BTCUSD – Intraday bullish scenarios

These two bullish scenarios were created based on the previous analysis from daily available here. We may see very tiny pullback (based on rejection from daily supply) as 1 to 1 or wider once both visible on the chart. Possible targets in that case are 7400/7500 and 8000. This bullish case will be invalidated with