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XRPBTC (Weekly) – Am I bullish now?

This is an update of our previous XRPBTC view, but this time based on weekly chart. We were right to stay careful and not to chase the price based on few patterns from the past (the original post is here). So where are we now? Have a look at the below weekly chart then. The

TRXBTC – Bullish while above 375/350 on daily chart

I like the breakout that has happened recently. For now, the current pullback should be treated as a test and as long as the 375/350 zone holds (close on daily basis) we may see the 435/440 (again), followed by 495/505 and 590/600.   Should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. Good

XRPBTC – Why am I not bullish Ripple (yet)?

Some may call me crazy, but I am not bullish here yet. On daily chart it looks like we may see a replay of one of the previous patterns (visible on the daily chart). My favorite is the first one from the left, meaning we may see an attempt to break higher followed by a

NEOBTC – Very close to huge level on daily chart

Bulls need to hold 0,002 level and we are very, very close to that level. It’s like last line/zone in the sand. Positive thing is that we have left the downtrend channel but dipping lower is still possible. Anyway, as long as we can hold 0,002 based on a daily close, the rally at least

BCHBTC – Bears are here to stay

This is a daily chart and both short- and long-term favor Bears. There is a wall of supply in our opinion: short term 0,09 and 0,11/012, then long-term all the way up to 0,15/16. Line in the sand for Bulls lies around 0,05. First sellers line up towards top of the downtrend channel.

BTCUSD – Intraday bullish scenarios

These two bullish scenarios were created based on the previous analysis from daily available here. We may see very tiny pullback (based on rejection from daily supply) as 1 to 1 or wider once both visible on the chart. Possible targets in that case are 7400/7500 and 8000. This bullish case will be invalidated with