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BTCUSD (Update – Intraday) – Happy Birthday Mr Bitcoin

A short update of our idea published earlier here   Should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. Good luck Champs! Mr Hawk     DISCLAIMER: This material was created for informational purposes only and represents the Land of Trading team’s view of the past, current and future economic and financial markets

SUBBTC (Daily) – Very bullish medium-/long-term

We have already covered Substratum on intraday basis here and the market proved that our idea was a good one as the first target was reached. Now, the latest developments (do your own research) + daily chart suggest SUB might be a silent hero what gives us a very bullish view over the short-, medium-

BTCUSD (Intraday) – Is it a calm before the storm?

Trading within a very narrow downtrend channel with unusually low volatility (something like not a real Bitcoin sort of compared to current stock volatility). Anyway, do not get fooled as we may stay within that tiny range for longer until… We are looking for the range to expand soon. Our favorite scenario (violet arrows): market

ZILBTC (Hourly) – Intraday breakout with volume

A break to the upside from intraday consolidation with good volume. We see the pullback towards 550/540 as a possible buying zone with first likely target around 580. Would exit the position if we close on hourly chart below 530 twice in a row.   Should you have any questions feel free to contact us

BCHBTC (Update) – Is a small bounce possible?

If looking from short side based on previous analysis available here be careful at current levels and/or manage position actively. The Bears are trying to hold below 0.07 but a move below 0.066 is needed (based on the 2-hour chart) to keep negative momentum in place. As you can see we are testing strong intraday

XLMBTC (Daily) – Range – Here we go…

Looks like the cross is playing by the book and stays within the well-defined range on daily chart. At the narrow end it trades between 2950/4500 and at wider one between 2000/5000. Still watching and waiting for an attempt to break lower below 2500 or for two consecutive daily closings above 5000 mark.   Should

XRPBTC (Weekly) – Am I bullish now?

This is an update of our previous XRPBTC view, but this time based on weekly chart. We were right to stay careful and not to chase the price based on few patterns from the past (the original post is here). So where are we now? Have a look at the below weekly chart then. The