About us

We at Land of Trading feel that sharing our more than 45 years of combined experience in trading, private wealth management, retail and corporate banking, working with private and institutional clients on both sides of Atlantic, can be of benefit to all people who like to work with us.

The crypto currencies and the blockchain technology have brought a whole new dimension to our world. Unfortunately, very few discovered and understood what’s coming. The CryptoMarketFlow is a new initiative that aims to bring to the general public the experience and knowledge that we have been gained in “the crypto field”. In our opinion, this will help you to adapt to the emerging new system that is likely to become part of our daily lives soon.

We are looking forward to sharing our banking, brokerage and hedge fund experience with you. In other words feel free to join us on the exiting journey to the island of learning called “Land of Trading”.

Here we go, your Land of Trading team.

Namely Mr PriceAction, Mr TechMan and Mr Hawk